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Powering Truck Dealers for over 35 Years

PMDS Truck Workshop SoftwareAuto-IT’s PMDS® dealer management system has been delivering vital business processes to truck dealers for decades. PMDS® allows managers of all departments to have full control of their performance and operating procedures at a level appropriate to their business.

One of the keys to an effective system is that it scales from the smallest operation right up to multi-franchise/ multi-branch enterprises with each business unit retaining its own controls. Other vital requirements include:

  • Meets all state, statutory and privacy requirements
  • Appropriate controls around access to management and restricted functions
  • Access to reports, charts and logs from anywhere in the world
  • Works on all types of workstations and tablets
  • Printed stationery is fully customizable

Key Benefits

Choice Means Power

PMDS® gives you a choice to can keeps things simple or invoke advanced management controls. You can empower your managers to be real managers. You choose how to create, contact and retain your customers. You can choose your infrastructure: physical server, virtual server or cloud server.

We can help you to drive profits in your trucking business by leveraging our advanced dealership tools, including:

  • Control of parts margins, pricing controls down to a customer level, advanced re-ordering and inventory management.
  • Control of labour rates and workshop sundries, customised to your special fleets.
  • Printed stationery that matches your business, including a vehicle sales contract that supports different truck sale types, with space to detail bodies and add-ons.
  • Keep vehicle estimated stock costs separate to the accounting systems – to give a sales manager control of vehicle inventory and on-costs in real time.
  • Follow-up schedules and customer contacts across multiple media types like email, SMS, letters and scripted calls.
  • Become a marketing guru – send campaigns by email and track the open rates and unsubscribes.
  • Smart use of reference numbers in the general ledger simplifies the tracking of all vehicle costs.


Our booking and time-clocking system, Kaizen, brings transparency, efficiency and order to your service department. Here are some of the typical issues your service department faces and the ways Kaizen handles them.

There are often multiple jobs on vehicles that require multiple days to complete so accurate workshop capacity planning can be an issue.

  • Multi-day bookings ensure accurate workshop loading.
  • The leave calendar ensures available hours are always up to date, thereby optimising booking capacity.

Truck workshops are physically large and spread out making it difficult to track the progress of work.

  • Kaizen’s workshop charts show exactly where a job is at and allows the workshop controller to see exactly when that job should be completed and when the customer is due to pick up the vehicle.
  • Service advisors and anyone else in the dealership can use the whiteboards to check on the progress of any job quickly and easily to update a customer.

It can be hard to recover all the time a technician spends working on a truck.

  • Alerts make it easy to see when the allocated time for a job has been reached, allowing you to sell any additional time required.
  • Every technician’s day can be planned in advance by allocating their day’s work.

From medium to very large truck dealerships, PMDS® delivers the technology and the integration capability to grow your business and become far more effective every day.






Developed by Auto-IT for Australian dealers and fully integrated with your DMS, WebCRM is a browser-based CRM application for PMDS®.

  • Lead & Prospect Management
  • Customer Follow-up
  • Follow-up Schedule Engine
  • Customised Customer Surveys
  • Customer Complaint & Issue Management
  • Customisable Reporting
  • Customer Touch Point Profile Enquiry
  • Lost Sales Management Tools
  • Salesperson Diary
  • Prospect data remains within the DMS
  • No re-keying into a 3rd party application
  • Web browser access using any modern browser
  • Low learning curve for new staff
  • Access from tablet devices like iPad
  • Process control via PMDS® schedule automation
  • Extensive customisation available
  • Complete integration with PMDS®

PMDS® Brochure
PMDS® WebCRM Brochure 
PMDS® DrivewayXpress Brochure

Power where you need it.
Apps for Sales, Service and Executive Management



Showroom is a powerful yet simple browser-based integrated Showroom system incorporating proposal, quote and deal processing plus media library functionality for managing images & attachments. Run it from any tablet, laptop or desktop as a standalone but integrated application or run it from within the existing browser-based Web CRM. Although complex and functionally rich, Showroom is simple and easy to use and has a low learning curve for new staff via the user friendly and intuitive interface!



Appraisor is a browser-based vehicle appraisal tool that’s fully integrated with PMDS® and interfaces with your Glass’s and Redbook subscriptions to provide your team with an accurate and up to date tool to record valuations within your system. It includes the ability to take photos and store them against the vehicle for future reference.


Sales Log

Sales Log gives you a live snapshot of your deal information including deal gross. Display your information either by sale or delivery date. Further filter by yard, sales representative, vehicle type, franchise, sales type and status. Drill down for further information on a deal.


PMDS-Vantage-Point-ScreenVantage Point

Vantage Point is a dynamic browser-based dashboard application for PMDS®. Vantage Point is a powerful executive style reporting tool for Dealer Principals and Senior Managers in all departments. Through the use of graphs and widgets, vital system indicators such as gross profit , sales analysis, budget comparisons and other key business statistics can be easily viewed and monitored. Product features include live drill-down for data mining and individual user customisation. There are currently around 110 portlets across New Cars, Used Cars, Service, Parts, Administration, Financial Controller & System.


PMDS-Pinpoint-ScreenPin Point

Pinpoint is a fully featured, browser-based, integrated financial reporting and budgeting application. Create reports instantly, drill down to source documents, generate dynamic budgets and ‘what-if’ analysis. PinPoint allows management to view real-time financial reports in seconds on an easy to view browser-based format, providing them the vital information to manage a profitable department. The reports are customisable, allowing the creation of any number of reports to suit any job role in the dealership.



Kaizen is a fully integrated browser-based service booking, time-clocking and reporting system that greatly enhances communication across the dealership – increasing productivity and reducing costs.

  • Real time technician monitoring via whiteboards & workshop charts
  • Exception reporting via SMS or email
  • Better manage you workshop loading by available hours and work categories
  • Bookings by service bay or technician
  • Manage the number of vehicles on the premises (in terms of parking spaces)
  • Manage the number of vehicles booking in or picking up at certain time intervals
  • Do away with control sheets and loan car diaries
  • Achieve accurate available hours through management of leave calendar
  • Solves communication problems between workshop floor / foreman / advisors / managers
  • Better management of work in progress – allows service staff to track the progress of jobs in the workshop
  • Helps to squeeze out unapplied time
  • Sales staff can access their own PD information via the whiteboard


PMDS-Driveway-Xpress-ScreenDriveway Xpress

Driveway Xpress is a tablet-based mobility application that allows a customer/vehicle check-in from the service driveway or other parking area. In just a few taps you can confirm details and authorise work, including obtaining the customer’s signature.

  • Confirm the booked servicing requirements
  • Review vehicle history on the spot
  • Update customer details
  • Add recommended up-sell items with ease
  • Add extra jobs, including free-form descriptions of miscellaneous work (or customer issues)
  • Record existing vehicle damage, including taking photos from your tablet device
  • Option to print repair order on authorisation