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What Others Say

What Others Say About Auto-IT

Working with the Auto-IT team has been fantastic - they have been with us every step of the way and gone above and beyond what was originally committed to. We stand by our decision to move to Auto-IT and look forward to the future.

Gavin Hart, Penfold Motors

We wanted a CRM system years ago and have reviewed three of the most well-known CRM systems in detail however I am glad to say we waited for the Auto-IT version and it has certainly surpassed expectations.

Michael Jarvin, Steve Jarvin Motors

There’s nothing like graphical representation to illustrate information to sales people and managers.

Paul Buruma, Knox Mitsubishi

Our management team now know exactly how their department is tracking for the month, both in gross and units delivered/sold.

Steven Palethorpe, Tilford Auto Group

It would be out of the question for us to use any other product. It makes our lives easier and simpler – I don’t think there is another product that can match EQUIP®.

Moira Smith, Chesterfield

Jobs that took 4 hours of my time to complete now take 10 minutes, so I have more time to concentrate on real business issues.

Ray Borg, Carlisle Group

Moving from our previous DMS to Auto-IT was a massive leap for us. Overall, we had found the transition to be a smooth one. It is an experience that we would definitely recommend to others.

Gavin Wood, Wideland Ag & Construction

I think the system is an enhancement to our business, I really do. I believe we are going to grow with it and I believe that the data we have been able pull out of it will make us a better business.

Ted Van Riel, Keema