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EQUIP® is the Agricultural Industry’s No.1 Dealer Management System

EQUIP® is installed in hundreds of dealerships around the world including New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia, Canada, Mexico and the USA. EQUIP® is a quality dealer management software system designed to meet the unique needs of dealerships operating in the agriculture equipment sector.

Since its introduction to the market in 2004, EQUIP® has proven a highly popular and effective solution throughout the world. Clients like JDIS* (John Deere Information Systems) are realising the business benefits of EQUIP® in their dealer networks. EQUIP® is an online real-time system incorporating world’s-best-practice offered on a Microsoft Open Server, which provides long-term stability to the investment through rapid incorporation of new and emerging technologies.
EQUIP® incorporates the key functions of agriculture equipment dealerships into one integrated system – increasing profitability by managing dealer operations, financials and customers all with a single tool. EQUIP® offers all the current functionality demanded by large modern dealerships plus a whole lot more, including processes that integrate – where required – with most of the world’s major agricultural equipment franchises. In one comprehensive tool, you gain added features and advanced capabilities that improve the way you do business today

Key Benefits

“You can deal with issues today and resolve them. EQUIP® brings a sense of accountability to the whole group.” Brad Ramsey Ramsey Brothers

Crucial Real-Time Information at your Fingertips

Immediate access to accurate business information empowers you to make more informed management decisions quickly. That equals real improvements in efficiency and profitability. Our Windows based EQUIP® on-demand system has been designed specifically for the retail agri industry and more than meets today’s industry demands.

EQUIP® is a real-time system incorporating ‘world’s best practice’, delivered on a Microsoft® Open Server Windows platform. In one comprehensive tool your business can access a huge range of features with advanced performance and efficiency-building capabilities. We work closely with a large number of agricultural equipment manufacturers, distributors and service providers to develop interfaces and special features that enable dealers to interact with supply chains more easily. It’s all part of our commitment to deliver seamless integration using open systems. The system’s open architecture means it can also rapidly adapt to new technologies as they come on stream.

  • EQUIP DMS for Agri DealershipsReal-time reporting lets you manage your business or department live
  • Apps for iPad, iPhone and Windows® mobile devices
  • The Windows® look and feel makes EQUIP® easy to use
  • Email and SMS marketing capabilities improve customer communication and satisfaction
  • SmartForms provide integrated electronic stationery tailored to your business
  • Save data in 15 different formats including Microsoft Word® and Excel®
  • Unlimited business history retained for analysis and reports
  • Contextual help function saves time
  • Comprehensive training ensures staff are up to speed fast

Smart Apps. Get closer to your customers.

The demand for mobile apps is growing rapidly as users demand simpler, easier and more engaging ways to work, play and learn. Auto-IT is at the forefront of mobile app development in the retail DMS industry for agricultural dealers.

Our range of tablet and mobile solutions already includes exciting apps like Driveway Xpress, eValuation, Customer Portal, Quick Deal and Technician Mobile Clocking. These and other Auto-IT mobile apps deliver a slick user experience across devices like the iPad, iPhone,  
Galaxy, Surface and Playbook. The insatiable demand for mobile apps and the range of exciting ideas emanating from our customers means the development of mobile apps for dealers is receiving more focus than ever.


Mobile Apps for Agri Dealers

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Auto-IT DMS Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is more than a hosted computing environment. True cloud computing is fully elastic and responds to fluctuating tenant demand – allocating and throttling back processing power, memory and storage dynamically between servers and even geographic locations. New server instances are set up in minutes, allowing rapid deployment and cost-effective scaling as required.

Enterprise-level systems like a DMS (and the mobile apps that interface with them) require significant computing power, high throughput and responsive network support to guarantee uptime is maintained at optimal levels. What this means is software can be delivered quickly, efficiently and in an environment that is quite literally best-of-breed, globally. This translates into a level of redundancy, support and failover that is higher than you could ever achieve in a local environment like your own dealership.
It’s important to note however, that enterprise-level solutions like a DMS require a very special approach due to speed demands and variations in available bandwidth from one location to the next. Auto-IT is a leader in cloud-based solutions for the enterprise market and can deliver a range of options to suite complex requirements. Talk to us today about your specific needs and we will work with you to deliver a solution that exceeds them.