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Agri OEM Engagement

Integrated with Agri Manufacturers

Auto-IT’s MS integration with manufacturers in the agricultural industry continues to strengthen.

Our significant dealer representation within manufacturers enables us to build valued strategic relationships which underpin the longer term integration benefits that can be developed for our clients.

In addition, our local and international experience with DMS integration in the agricultural industry provides a solid base for OEM integration solutions. Our Factory Liaison Manager focuses on this activity with the support of our experienced development, testing and support teams.

If you’d like to enquire about working with Auto-IT to integrate OEM data and processes with our DMS solutions, please complete the form to your right and we will be in touch with you very promptly.


White Label Solutions for Franchises

As the levels of integration between manufacturers, distributors and dealerships broaden, the argument for white label DMS solutions, driven and backed by OEMs makes more and more sense. Auto-IT’s deep vein of developmental and technological skills and its multi-regional strategic planning experience can bring your vision to reality. Talk to us today about your ideas and let’s see what we can achieve together.

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